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A guide to pre-Performance Assessment Bike Intelligent Race Days
Senior Youth & Junior

A guide to pre-Performance Assessment Bike Intelligent Race Days


Over the next few weeks athletes from across the UK will be taking part in pre-Performance Assessment Bike Intelligent Race Days (IRDs) ahead of the 2022 British Triathlon Super Series.

New for 2022, all Youth and Junior athletes and some Senior athletes are required to attend one of the Bike IRDs prior to the Performance Assessment weekend. But what are the Bike IRDs and what can athletes involved expect?


What is a Bike Intelligent Race Day?

The Bike Intelligent Race Days are a day built around multiple objectives, for athletes already racing at this level they’re an opportunity to dial back into bike racing while simultaneously further developing athletes on their bike decision-making skills and improving their technical abilities. For new athletes to the series, the Bike IRDs are a chance to demonstrate their skills are appropriate for national level competition.

The first half of the day will comprise of various skill sessions which have been devised by coaches to both challenge and support athletes in their development, depending upon athlete ability and experience.

The second part of the day will be more focused on racing, covering triathlon racing scenarios using mini races and finishing off with some longer efforts and races.

With a busy schedule which will include time on and off the bike through the day athletes will be expected to use time off the bike to recover and fuel as well as reflect on what they have learnt in the previous session before getting ready to roll out on the next part of the day.

Coaches will also be assisting Youth athletes with roll-outs which are used to check whether a bike is within the set gear restrictions. More information on gear restrictions is available on the British Triathlon website here.

What will I need to bring?

Athletes are reminded to ensure they have enough nutrition (food and drink) for around four to six hours depending upon which IRD they attend. A camping chair, if you have one, to sit on between sessions can be a good idea.

All athletes are strongly advised to dress for the weather as most circuits have no indoor space and are often quite exposed to the elements. On days like this always aim to be over rather than underdressed, you can always take kit off if too warm. Being cold and underdressed is no fun at all especially as you will not be riding all the time and so will cool down quickly when off the bike.

We would suggest multiple cycling layers including a cycling waterproof and gloves along with overshoes. When off the bike you will need to put extra layers on to prevent getting cold e.g. hoody, hat and warm coat or dryrobe. If you have a full set of spare cycling kit we’d suggest bringing it in case you get wet and want to change.

Please also bring any bike spares/tools that you will need for the day e.g. allen keys, tyre levers, pump, inner tubes.