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Super Series Returns for 2024
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Super Series Returns for 2024


The British Triathlon Super Series has been confirmed for 2024. The series offers British triathletes and paratriathletes the chance to showcase their talents in regular competitive events. A number of Great Britain’s World Class Programme athletes have made it to the top after being successful in the British Triathlon Super Series, including recent recruits Tilly Anema, Jess Fullagar, Hugo Milner and Henry Urand.  

The season begins on 24 March with paratriathletes taking centre stage at the British Paraduathlon Championships, before the Youth & Junior Series starts with athletes taking part in the Performance Assessments on 20-21 April.  

Wales is then the host for the next race as the series moves to Llanelli, where the race is being hosted by Healthy Life Activities, on 11 May, with the first official race of the season for senior athletes as well as the first triathlon of the year for paratriathletes. The paratriathlon action continues on 22 June.   

A day later the first of two aquathlons takes place at Lochore Meadow, with the Southern equivalent taking place on 20 July at Worcester. Athletes only need to compete in one aquathlon.  

A two-day event is next up for the Youth, Junior and Senior Series’ as it heads to Mallory Park for heats and finals on the weekend of 29 June. Youth &Junior athletes will also have the opportunity to take part in a mixed team relay.  

On 13 July the Arctic One Tri and Para-Tri festival hosts the British Paratriathlon Championships, which doubles as the next round of the Super Series for paratriathletes.  

The penultimate event of the season is the Eton Eliminator on 26 August, before the Grand Final on 14 September, where extra points will be awarded as we crown the British Triathlon Super Series champions.  

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Please see a full breakdown of the Super Series Racing below:

Date Host Event Racing
24-Mar Oulton Park Paraduathlon Paratri
20-21 April BTF Performance Assessments Youth A + Youth B, Junior + Senior
11-May Healthy Life Activities Llanelli Youth A + Youth B, Junior + Senior, Paratri
22-Jun Paratriathlon Paratri
23-Jun Triathlon Scotland Lochore Youth A, Youth B + Junior
29-30 June Active Training World Mallory Park Youth A + Youth B, Junior + Senior
13-Jul Artic One Eton Dorney Paratri
20-Jul BTF Worcester Youth A, Youth B + Junior
26-Aug Active Training World Eton Eliminator Youth A, Youth B + Junior + Senior
14-15 Sept BTF Grand Final Youth A, Youth B + Junior, Senior, Paratri