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Aquathlon next for Youth and Junior athletes in British Triathlon Super Series
Youth & Junior

Aquathlon next for Youth and Junior athletes in British Triathlon Super Series


Youth and Junior athletes competing in this year’s British Triathlon Super Series will get the chance to showcase their swim and run skills in aquathlon, the next events in the British Triathlon Youth & Junior Super Series.

There are two aquathlon events being held over the next two weekends – one in Lochore Meadows in Scotland and the other at Bowood House in England – but athletes only compete in one event with the two events both carrying equal points.

What is an aquathlon?

An aquathlon combines both swimming and running with the format of aquathlon seeing

athletes exiting the swim, into transition and then onto the run.

Aquathlon racing returns to the British Triathlon Super Series calendar for Youth and Junior athletes in 2022 to support the development of swim and run skills, with a particular focus on developing swim standards.

It’s also an opportunity for athletes to race over a different format than the usual combination of swim, bike, run and across multiple races during the day.

Where are the events being held?

With two aquathlon events taking place, one in Scotland and one in southern England, each will be worth the same points, with athletes competing in one event depending on where they’re based.

Lochore Meadows will take place on Sunday 19 June and is the first of the two aquathlon events. Located in the heart of Fife, Scotland, Lochore Meadows Country Park will provide a stunning stage for the Triathlon Scotland Lochore Aquathlon including Loch Ore where the swim will be held.

A week later (25 June), the private grounds of Bowood House and Gardens will be the venue for the south event, again offering a picturesque setting for the latest leg of the British Triathlon Super Series.

What are the distances?

Each athlete will compete in three races throughout the day, each over different swim and run distances.

The swim distance will be the same for all age groups:

Race 1 – 800m

Race 2 – 500m

Race 3 – 300m

The distance athletes will complete for the run will vary for the different age groups:

Race 1 – All 1km

Race 2 – Youth A Male & Female 1.5km / Youth B, Junior Male & Female 2km

Race 3 – Youth A Male & Female 2km / Youth B, Junior Male & Female 3km

How are the points earned in the aquathlon events?

The Super Series points for each athlete will be calculated from their best two scores from the three races.

Points will be awarded to each athlete at the end of each race which will reflect their finishing position. For example, the winner will be awarded one point, second place will receive two points, third place three points and so on.

The athlete with the lowest number of points from their best two of three races will be awarded the maximum number of Super Series points which is 2500 points.

This process will be followed across each of the categories – Youth A, Youth B and Junior.

To find out more about each of the aquathlon events, please visit the event pages below.

Lochore Meadows

Bowood House